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ATV Legends 2000

ATV heroes take to the track one last time

August 02, 2000

Tom Carlson

ImageTom is the proud owner of TC Racing Engines. After deciding not to participate in the Legends 2000 race, TC’s top gun, Doug Gust reminded him of his long time saying,"Go ahead and just run it Boy!" That’s all it took for Tom to put on his gear and race one last time. ATV racing enthusiasts will remember big ole’ Tom on his three-wheeled mongo-powered 350X hauling ass and winning many Open Three-Wheel Nationals.

Tom looks back at his most memorable moment. "It was 1984. I had my ATC 200X dialed in and it was running spot on perfect. I was racing in the 200cc Pro class against the factory riders. Some were on lightning fast sleeved down two-stroke 200s. I ended up with one of the fastest heat wins and qualified for a choice spot on the front row! Somehow I pulled a three bike length holeshot on everyone, (including the peppy two-strokes), everything seemed to be going perfect. I pitched it into the big sweeper and spun it right around. Now I’m facing the 19 riders, who are full on-tapped trying to jockey for good position. Needless to say I was the cause of a huge 20-rider pile up, oops!"



John Lukos

Wolcott, CT’s John Lukos is a good friend of Doug Gust. Perhaps that’s why he was as talented as he was? Regardless of who taught whom, Lukos was always on the gas, especially in motocross. His biggest highlight was winning the pro class at the ’92 Loretta Lynn’s GNC. Now that he’s not racing he’s putting his time into his demolition company. Lukos rode Doug Gust’s Nac’s Racing/TC Racing quad at the Legends 2000 race, the same one that Gust won the ’99 National Championship on.


 Tim Helter

The former PA resident now lives in Fort Myers, FL and owns a landscaping company. His entire pro career was aboard a Kawasaki. Helter was faster than most and picked up a ride from Kawasaki Team Green on-board a Tecate 3-wheeler.

The 007 of Helter and his Team Green ride was always a concern in the Honda pits. He usually raced the Pro 200 and Pro 250 classes. Kawasaki suited him up with sleeved-down Tecate 250’s for the 200 classes. We had thoughts of Helter giving Denton a run for his money in the Legends race when we saw how fast he still was on the legendary Pine Lake track. Helter looked wicked fast in heat race action, he won his heat by a good 10 quad lengths, but unfortunately he got involved in a tangle up in the main event.

Of all the great wins he's had, he says his fondest memories of the sport are the people themselves. Helter says that the people in ATVing simply are the best in all motorsports. We agree.


Image Image


Todd Williams

ImageOriginally, Todd was going to use Harold Goodman’s quad to race the Legend 2000 race, but after strolling through the pits he just happened to find the very same quad that he used to race! He quickly talked to the new owner and made the switch to his old Honda 250X.

This seemed appropriate since his whole career was aboard three and four wheeled four-strokes – always sporting #11. The 250X was a bit slow compared to the rest of the field. Nonetheless, Williams had a blast all weekend long.

During his career he was heavily supported by Sparks Racing. He wanted to make sure we thanked Curtis Sparks for all the successful years and for the great friendship.






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