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5 Minutes with Josh Row

On switching from Honda to Yamaha

February 26, 2011

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ImageJosh Row has been racing for years, but it's the last couple that have stood out the most for us. He's really made a name for when he rode on Mike Cafro's Team MCR. His results speak as highly as his peers do about the likable El Cajon, California native. Josh finished a very respectable 3rd place in the ATV WORCS Pro Class for 2010 on the MCR prepped Honda, battling tough pros like Dustin Nelson, Jeremy Warnia and Josh Frederick. For 2011 Josh has teamed up with Dustin Nelson and looks faster than ever on his new Yamaha YFZ 450R. We think Josh will definitely be a contender for a WORCS Pro Championship for 2011.

We caught up with Row a week before WORCS Round 2 in Primm, Nevada. Here's what he had to say...

Congratulations on your new ride this year. What sparked the change?
Thank you! Yeah, I feel really fortunate to have this opportunity to ride with Dustin Nelson on the Factory Yamaha team. Dustin and I already train and ride together everyday so it just seemed like the perfect opportunity in 2011 to make the big change and join forces.

How do you like the new Yamaha?
The change has been great, adjusting to the bike has been a little different, but all in all I'm really liking the changes I made for 2011. I really like the new Yamaha. It's very fast and we just got the suspension dialed really good for this upcoming WORCS race.

ImageWhat do you like best about the Yamaha YFZR over the Honda TRX?
I would say the biggest change on the bike is the fuel injection. I like the instant power it makes. You definitely have to be ready for. I also think that the Yamaha has some incredible turning compared to the Honda.

Do you think you had first round nervousness on the Yamaha? Are you all dialed in now for the second round? Will we see you on the box at Primm?
Coming into the 2011 series I'll admit, I was very nervous. Now going to Primm I feel a lot more confident on the bike and the way everything feels. I'm certainly hoping for a good turn out.

Is racing your full time job?
Yes, racing is my full time job. I do side work every so often, but between training,riding and racing all the local races I can get to, it's pretty hard to do anything else. I'm very fortunate that I can ride and race as much as I do.

Run us through an average day of yours.
Let's see I wake up about 8, eat some breakfast, finish anything up on my practice bike that needs to be done, then head out to my off road track. I have it burned in pretty good for WORCS style racing. I'll moto for a few hours, load up, get back home and take a shower. Then I'll wait for my friends to get off work, head to the gym and do strength training. Every other day that I'm not riding I go for a mountain bike ride first thing and then start working on the quads all day.

ImageJosh seen here battling with his new teammate Dustin Nelson on a couple of Yamaha Raptor 250s.How is it having Dustin Nelson as a teammate?
Having Dustin as a teammate is great. When we go riding or mountain biking he's always pushing me to that next level and I think that's what it's going take to get me up on the box this season.

Are you technically working for Yamaha Motor Corp or Dustin Nelson?
Yes, technically I am working for Dustin Nelson. Everything I need or do goes through Dustin first.

How long are you going to be part of this program?
I want to be a part of this program for as long as I can. It's great!

Will you be racing the QuadCross series this year, or are you putting all your effort into WORCS?
I will be attending both all season, and I'm really excited about racing the motocross all season this year. I have done a few but never the entire series. I'm hoping that with racing motocross it will also carry over and help me with some of my skills at WORCS.

What do you like best about WORCS?
The WORCS has grown so much over the few years that I have been racing. This year seems like one of the most competitive for the Pro class, and it will be really cool to see what happens. The best part about racing the WORCS is that everything is so organized and the atmosphere is really cool, its like one big family there. I really like it. When I get home from the 8, 10, or even 24 hour drives. I cant wait to go back!

Which is your favorite round?
My favorite round is a toss up between either Primm or Lake Havasu. They're both great.

Thank you for spending a couple minutes with us. Good luck with all your new changes for 2011, we wish you the best! Any last words or thank yous?
I would really like to thank Dustin Nelson first off, he is the one who made this all possible. Doug Roll and PY from Elka for all the long testing hours, Yamaha and of course my mom and dad, I couldn't do any of this without them!


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