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Monthly scene girl

Ava James

Miss ATV Scene, December 2010

November 20, 2010


jw's picture

Re: Ava James

i am in love! ava, you're GORGEOUS...

Anonymous chick's picture

Re: Ava James

:O I would like to know who chooses the models. I am very disappointed. Shouldnt it be actual girl ATV racers?

XC_Raptor700R's picture

Re: Ava James

I think they do a great job of choosing the models. I haven't been disappointed with one of them yet. There aren't enough female racers to have one every month. The ATV's Most Wanted calendar is what you would be looking for and you won't be disappointed.

Anonymous ba zooms's picture

Re: Ava James


zerokido0o's picture

Re: Ava James

those are some of the best tits ive seen in years

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