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Arctic Cat ThunderCat 950 4x4

We ride the biggest ATV ever and live to tell about it

September 07, 2007



ImageWhen's enough enough?
One Saturday night at the local watering hole, five friends stood around drinking beer and shooting pool. A friendly argument between two of them erupted and caught the attention of the others when one of them shouted out, “There’s no way yours is bigger than mine and if you want to place a bet, I’ll show it to you!” A few minutes later the men quickly left the bar and headed toward the proud man’s house. Twenty minutes later they all stood in a half circle waiting to see what their friend was packing when he pulled the cover off of his brand new 2008 Arctic Cat ThunderCat 950. “You see, I told you, I have the biggest one in existence. The lady at the dealership told me so!” The proud man exclaimed.

Yes, the battle for "who has the biggest one" rages on in the ATV world. Now more than just a battle for displacement, things such as multi-cylinders and fuel injection have made each cc that much more potent. Last year, the Can-Am Outlander 800 captured the thrown when it came to displacement and pure power output. While a machine such is this is targeted at a small percentage of riders with the right amount of skill and enough cash on hand to afford such a machine, having the biggest and baddest can be a powerful marketing tool.

For 2008 Minnesota-based Arctic Cat has decided to reach up and take the torch from Can-Am in the displacement war by releasing their all-new ThunderCat 950, which they call their 1000 even though it really measure in at 950cc. Arctic Cat admits that this machine isn’t for everyone. Costing over $10.000 and producing more horsepower than Arctic Cat was willing to divulge, this wildcat is aimed at the very few with enough experience to tame it and enough cash to get it home.


ImageArctic Cat gave the ThunderCat the same silver and green color scheme as their factory race machines. We dig the way it looks as much as we dig this photo.

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Re: Arctic Cat ThunderCat 950 4x4

dude i totally need this atv since the one rode is to slow against my friends 750 so i need something faster and powerful :bigsmile:

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Re: Arctic Cat ThunderCat 950 4x4

:bigsmile: I disagree with the dual brake levers because if you have small hands you could hit the gas as you reach for the brakes, with one brake lever you can use your free hand to brake and the other for throttle.

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