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KYMCO Mongoose 50

Fun on Kymco’s Sport Mini

October 13, 2004

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By Joe Tolle

ImageThe '05 Kymco Mongoose 50 and 10-year-old GNC racer, Ryan Wheeler.If you are looking for a mini quad to get your child, (6 years old and up) started in the sport of ATVing there are an overwhelming amount of mini quads to choose from these days. Unfortunately, many of these mini quad companies are producing less then reliable machines.

While we were at the London, Kentucky round of the GNC MX series in July, we met a young racer by the name of Zack Wentz. Zack is the 2-time national short track champion and recently switched to Kymco ATVs.

His father Darin explained that they had made the switch to Kymco in an effort to stay ahead of the competition and actually won their second championship aboard the Kymco 50. With such a positive endorsement and the winning record to back it up, we had no choice but to contact Kymco and get a Mongoose 50 of our own to find out what makes this particular mini so good.


ImageKymco did a nice job of setting up the controls appropriately for young rider's smaller hands. Note the kill switch, low oil indicator light, and headlight switch. The headlight itself is available as an accessory through your local Kymco dealer.Mechanical breakdown
For the motor, Kymco uses a 50cc air-cooled two-stroke mill out of one of their scooters. The motor features an oil injection system so there is no need to mix your gas and oil. The machine is equipped with an electric start as well as a kick-starter backup. To keep things simple for young riders, Kymco equipped the Mongoose 50 with a fully automatic CVT transmission. Final drive to the rear wheels is handled by a standard chain sprocket setup.

In the chassis department, Kymco uses basically the same design as the Kasea or Eton. While it would be nice if Kymco had a completely original design, the aftermarket is ready and waiting with chassis mods so potential racers will be happy. Up front, the Mongoose has single A-arms with preload adjustable shocks offering 2.9 inches of wheel travel. Out back, there is a standard swingarm setup with a preload adjustable shock and 2.7 inches of wheel travel.

Bringing the Mongoose 50 to a halt are two drum brakes up front and a single drum brake in the rear. The front and rear brakes are individually operated using the levers mounted on the handlebars. The brake levers and throttle are also sized appropriately for a young rider's shorter fingers -- aiding in ease of operation.

The Kymco features floorboards with raised serrated foot pegs. The floorboards help keep the rider's feet safely off the ground. The raised foot pegs make aggressive riding easier and safer by allowing the riders foot to pivot on the peg while traversing rough terrain.

ImageThe Kymco clutch engages at a high enough RPM that quick takeoffs are no problem. Don’t worry, it won’t intimidate most beginners and the restrictors make limiting takeoff and top speed a snap for mom and dad.

ImageThe little Kymco is a capable of carving a decent turn. The machine steers easily and does not push excessively.

ImageThe Kymco has ample power for getting air! Ryan tries to keep the machine from over jumping this small tabletop jump on New Vienna, Ohio's peewee track. While downside landings were no problem, flat landing resulted in bottoming the suspension.

ImageSix year old Ethan had a ball on the little Mongoose 50. After destroying a micro mini 50, the Kymco offers a lot of performance to grow into.

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