My Ultimate 4×4

Like many have this year, I got the itch to buy myself a new ATV. I wanted a go-anywhere-4×4, but which ATV is worthy of my hard-earned money, and which one can I make into my Ultimate 4×4?

My choice is a no-brainer, I chose the machine that just may be the best ATV ever made, the Yamaha Grizzly EPS SE.

From cross country racing, GNCC competition, work-duties in the yard, trail-riding with buddies to a 4000 mile coast-to-coast trip on the Trans American Trail, my 2020 Yamaha Grizzly does it all!

Enjoy my Ultimate 4×4 video series below and feel free to ask questions or comment on Facebook or YouTube.

Ultimate 4×4 part 1

Ultimate 4×4 part 2
EPA restrictions keep getting tougher and tougher, and passing California Emissions while trying to offer a strong-running dependable ATV is not an easy task for our manufactures. In this episode, with the help of EHS Racing in Rockingham, NC, I undo the flaws that Yamaha was forced to create and along the way add a consistent 5 Horsepower through the entire power curve, all for under $1200! 

Ultimate 4×4 part 3
In this third episode of My Ultimate 4×4 I upgrade the handlebars and controls on my 2020 Yamaha Grizzly with a set of Low Bend Flexx Handlebars, a 5″ riser kit from Rox Speed FX and install Yamaha’s Adventure Pro GPS unit to the lid of my glove compartment. Then it’s off to the Hatfield McCoy Trail System for the first of many miles of ride-testing the much-improved upgrade. How bad are the stock Grizzly handlebars?? They’re garbage, and when compared to this ultimate set-up!​

My Ultimate 4×4 Upgrades for the Yamaha Grizzly (List in Progress):

EHS Racing:
EHS Racing Complete Air Intake System
EHS Racing EFI Controller
AIS Delete
Barker’s Dual Exhaust System with Quiet Core
Rox Speed FX 5″ Riser Kit
Fast Company Flexx Low Bend Handlebars
Fast Company Super T Handguard Kit
SSi Decals Custom Fender Protection Kit
Moose Racing Foam Handguards
McGill Mafia Mitts Custom Handguards:

Genuine Yamaha Accessories:
Plastic Glide Plate PN: B16-F84N0-V0-00
Rear Grab Bar PN: B4F-F85E0-V0-00
Front Brush Guard/Bumper PN: B4F-F84L0-V0-00 Yorwe
Yamaha/Magellan Adventure Pro: B8K-H21G0-V1-00

Misc Upgrades:
Anti-Slip Grip Tape:​
3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive:​
XCEL Neoprene Foam Handlebar Padding:​

Music Used:
part 1
Put your Money on Me, Arcade Fire
Tuff Enuff, Fabulous Thunderbirds

part 2
Jeannie Becomes a Mom, Caroline Rose

Electric Worry, Clutch

Ruby Tuesday, Rolling Stones
Sleep When We Are Dead, Lotus

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