Sarah Moore


Location: Moore Mx 573 Practice track
Machine:2012 Yamaha YFZ450
Birth Date:
March 22nd
Birth Place:
Huntingdon Valley, PA
Huntingdon Valley, PA
Race Team Manager, Student
Really small
They dont lie
Ambitions:Right now I would like to finish all my races without breaking myself or my quad. I have to focus on my school work, getting into a good college, and thinking about my future. My goal is to do all of that and still make all the races. So far I'm doing pretty good at that.
Turn Ons:I like tall guys, I need to be able to wear heels with them. Gotta be funny and understand my sarcasm. And he has to be involved in some type of sport. A motocrosser would be nice.
Turn Offs:Laziness. Get off your butt for the love of god. Can't have a guy who thinks he is higher than I am. A guy that is all about himself is no good.
Past Modeling:How do you even model? No one taught me how to do this.
All girls should have:A do it themselves attitude, ambition, no fear and confidence. Drives me up the wall when girls can't do or say they can't do something. Especially in this sport. You have to be fearless.

I'd like to own:A personal chef
Favorite rider:Josh Creamer, Joel Hetrick, and Nick Moser!
Magazine: Seventeen (yes I know… I'm a girl gimme a break)
Movie:All the "Alien" movies.
Food:Pasta, Pasta, and more pasta. Only on race weekend though.
Restaurant:Any place that sells food is good
Hottest Guy:Ken Roczen, #MCM every day of the week.
Guilty Pleasures:Hoagie, cheesesteak, crab fries, and turkey hill iced tea.
Favorite Place:The Motocross track.
Worst Place:the doctors
Favorite Team:Moore's Motocross, D-Rock Racing, and Weinen Motorsports
What's on your iPod:Jay-Z, Kanye West, Mac Miller, The Roots, Steve Aoki, Skrillex, and Ed Sheeran.
Bucket ListTravel the World
My motto:If you can fill the unforgiving minute worth of sixty seconds of distance, run.
Desired Talent:To be able to ride a dirt bike. I am awful on those things.


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