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Justin Anderson 6-6-08

Justin Anderson, Director of Media Relations, MX Sports / Racer Productions, Inc.

June 06, 2008

ImageJustin Anderson joined MX Sports prior to the 2008 season, after serving in a number of media relations positions within the professional motocross and auto racing industries. Anderson brings nearly 10 years of experience in managing successful media relations programs for the Champ Car World Series, Trans-Am, and the World PowerSports Association. Anderson is also a former beat reporter and staff writer for one of America's most respected motorsports newspapers, National Speed Sport News. Anderson oversees the media relations program for all MX Sports-run series.

As the GNCC and ATV Motocross Nationals enters the midway portion of the season, we got a chance to chat with Justin Anderson.

After you were let go as the PR man behind the WPSA, why did you pursuit a job with Racer Productions and not go back to your racing roots of CHAMP Car?
That's a great question. I spent a good portion of my career in auto racing, and I still have a passion for that sport. However, I've been to NASCAR events, Champ Car races, and many, many other international races, and none can compare to the excitement of off-road racing. In my early conversations with Racer Productions, I found the company to be well managed and extremely professional. The company has more than exceeded my expectations since joining them.

You’ve been with RP for 6 months already. Are you enjoying your new job?
Man, it's great. It's so rewarding to work with a team that is singularly focused on growing the sport of off-road racing. Everyone on the team is extremely professional, which I think is illustrated in what we've been able to accomplish in such a short time.

ImageYou’ve helped as PR man for both series, GNC and GNCC. Which do you like better?
I hate to give you the PR answer on this one, but I like both of them for different reasons. Obviously, my history has been in ATV Motocross racing, and I thoroughly enjoy the energy and the atmosphere of those events. On the GNCC side, it's exciting to see riders on both motorcycles and quads taking on what the natural terrain has to offer them. I also enjoy the international intrigue offered by GNCC; it reminds me a lot of international sports car racing.

I have always been impressed with your ability to gather facts, get good quotes and bang out press releases before many people even leave the track for the weekend. Is this your main responsibility in your new job?
Actually, my primary responsibility is to manage and to make recommendations on the overall PR program for ATV Motocross, GNCC and the Motocross Nationals. Right now, with a lot of the transition going on in the ATV industry, my focus has been on ATV racing. But it's not just me. Andy Bowyer has been handling a lot of things behind the scenes and he's done a yeoman's job of tackling this daunting task.

How are we getting your press releases from events that aren’t even Racer Production promotions?
Our goal, as a promoter, is to help grow the sport of ATV racing, and off-road racing as a whole. With that said, we provide PR services to all of the ATV Promoters Group events. It's really a win-win situation. As the sport grows, everyone benefits.

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