Catalina Focica


Ambitions: Too many to list
Turn Ons: ATVs, motorcycles, swiming
Turn Offs: Fake people
Past Modeling: Poster in ATV Club Magazine, Romania
I’d like to own: A 2009 Yamaha Grizzly 700 SE
All girls should have: A job, a family and a child
Favorite ATV event: Mud contests
Favorite rider: SPV13R – BeX Team Racing
Magazine: Joy
Movie: 2 Fast, 2 Furious
Food: Grilled fish
Restaurant: Romanian Restaurants
Hottest guy: Andi Garcia
Guilty Pleasures: ATV wheelies and drifts
Favorite Place: Forests
Worst Place: On a plane
What’s in your iPod? I dont have one
Favorite Team(s): BeX Team Racing
Bucket List:
My motto: Better die standing than live on your knees
Desired Talent:: To be a pianist
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