Dirt Works 12 Hrs of ATV America YFZ

ImagePrepping your machine for the Maxxis 12 Hours of ATV America is just as important as having three good riders on your team. In this two part feature Dirt Works Motorsports out of Willow Springs, Missouri will take us through the preparation of the machine that Team Dirt Works Motorsports (Tim Miller, Stephen Miller and Josh Roberts) will use to try to win the competitive A class at this year’s event….

That will do it for the first installment of the Dirt Works YFZ build. Be on the look out for the next installment where we will begin to show how we plan on getting this 2004 YFZ ready for the Maxxis 12 Hours of ATV America in Texas!


This photo was taken just before the 2007 Maxxis 6 Hours of Wisconsin race back when the 2004 Dirt Works Yamaha YFZ was fresh and ready to go.


Two 6-Hour races later after the Kahoka, MO round the dirt has been washed off and the Dirt Works YFZ is ready for a complete tear down and rebuild at Dirt Works Motorpsports in Willow Springs, MO.
Two Maxxis 6 Hours of ATV America events plus some hard practice will really wear on a graphics kit!  Graphics are looking rough on both sides of the quad.  Go-For-It-Graphics is hooking us up with another set for the 12 Hour.
The Maxxis Razr2’s are holding up really well for having well over 14 hours of hard riding! That’s like riding a full season of Missouri Hare Scrambles on one set of tires! After disassembled the YFZ’s Elka shocks we found that they looked pretty good. Nonetheless the shocks will be completely serviced before the 12 hour.
Tear-down continues…  The motor disassembled … no big surprises here. The YFZ internal engine parts hold up well.


The frame has held up really well since 2004, we could not find one crack in it! The subframe is another story however.
There’s really not much to a quad when you look at it like this.   Here’s another shot of the broken rear sub-frame.  Thank goodness for Ebay. A replacement subframe is on the way.
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