FOUR Profile riding gear and VRX boots


Dressed for success in FOUR’s 05 profile gear and VRX boots.

We have seen it many times throughout our years of riding, and we’re willing to bet you have seen it too–the guy who spends ten grand on his machine then goes riding in ratty jeans and a tee shirt with a pair of old work boots. As odd as it looks, we can sympathize with this a little bit. You spend all your hard earned money on building an ATV, and then you have to turn around and spend another $500 on boots, pants, jersey, and a pair of gloves.

Fortunately FOUR, the company that brought us the only ATV-specific line of riding and casual wear, has developed a line of entry level gear that offers the protection the average rider needs. FOUR will keep you from getting those odd looks while riding in your Tommy tight pants and still leave you enough money for gas so that you can afford to take your quad out of the garage and go riding.


Profile pants $59.95

ImageThe Profile pants’ offer a loose fit and are constructed with the legs pre-curved, making it much easier to transition from a standing to a sitting position. The Profile pant is constructed with a combination of materials resulting in a pant that is lightweight yet durable. The saddle area and inner legs, which take the most punishment while riding, are constructed of 420 Denier. The 90mm woven stretch Spandex side panels allow the pants to move more freely then a traditional dirt bike riding pant. Double stitching with triple stitching in high stress areas and injection molded rubber logos, combine to create a durable pant that should look good for many rides.

More than just a brand label designed to capture the finances of the ATV rider; FOUR has designed some true innovation into their pants. The profile pants feature a relaxed fit, although they aren’t as baggy as free-ride pants. The legs are also pre-bent allowing the pant to transition easily from a standing to a sitting position. The pants even features a patent pending D ring to attach your kill switch tether to–genius!

Profile jersey $21.95

The profile jersey is a bit basic, but considering its less expensive then a designer tee shirt, it’s still a bargain. The jersey feels silky and is constructed of 100% polyester. The graphics feature the trademark FOUR logo and look sharp without being overly cartoon-like. There are elbow pads sewn into the sleeves and the tail of the jersey is extended to help keep it tucked in while you’re bouncing through the rough stuff. .

Profile gloves $14.95

ImageFOUR designed the right thumb to allow for free movement, easing thumb throttle operation. A lot of thinking and ingenuity went into this glove, especially for the economical price. The right thumb is constructed of Stretch Spandura allowing for freer movement, and thus easier operation of your ATV’s thumb throttle. This feature is something the dirt bike guys with their twist throttles aren’t concerned with. Furthering in the gloves’ flexibility are stretch-lined side panels and adjustable, velcro strap enclosures. The three-pl, vented mesh top does a good job of keeping your hands cool in the hot summer months.

To enhance protection and durability FOUR equipped the profile gloves with what it calls its “genuine thermal weld glove top protection”. That translated into raised rubber surfaces that help protect the back of your fingers and hands from flying rocks. The padded palm is designed so as not to hinder movement yet still protect the rider’s hands from blisters and fatigue on long rides.

VRX boots $119.95

ImageFOUR’s VRX boots offer a great deal of value and protection for the price. FOUR put a lot of thinking into their boots’ ATV-specific application. Just check out the treaded sole as proof. These boots are a great option for the serious trail or sport rider. The VRX boots are constructed of 100% leather. They close via an adjustable, three-buckle system with velcro at the top. Buckle protectors and plates at the ankle/shifter and side of the boot were added for extra protection. What really gives this boot some “soul” is its three-layer, cleated sole. This makes the VRX much more ATV rider friendly than the typically slippery MX boot sole.

These boots are comfortable, stylish, and work great for most riding applications. While they are not quite as protective and adjustable as a $250 to $350 race boot, they cost significantly less and are considerably more comfortable. Far superior to any work boot, the FOUR VRX boots eliminate the excuse of not being able to afford proper foot protection.

The Bottom Line
We came away impressed with this FOUR’s styling, construction, and most of all price. FOUR did a great job of keeping the cost of the Profile gear and VRX boots in check, while still retaining the important design aspects that make the FOUR brand ATV-specific in both form and function. While we have only used our Profile gear and VRX boots twice, construction seems to be high quality and we don’t expect premature wear issues. While the boots may be a bit under built for pure racing, they are well-constructed and should last a few seasons of good hard sport riding. At under $217.00 for the FOUR Profile pants, jersey, gloves, and VRX boots, there’s no longer a reason not to look stylish and be well protected.

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