ProFill, HiPer’s New Flat Tire Prevention System

hiper_profill_01 PROFill System is Lighter, Faster, Easier to Install and Affordable

Tire Balls is no longer the only flat prevention solution for serious ATVers that can’t afford a flat tire. HiPer says they’ve been dialing in their new ProFill System for over a year and it’s finally ready to launch. We haven’t tested HiPer’s ProFill System yet, but HiPer tells us the product is extremely light weight – as in a whopping 30% lighter than any flat prevention system on the market! PROFill can also be inflated through the valve stem and requires no special tools to tune tire pressure. As for performance HiPer says PROFill eliminates the cornering “chatter” and vibration of other systems and this reduces rider fatigue while increasing cornering performance. To add more performance, PROFill is available in soft and hard compounds which can be mixed together for medium compounds tuned for the specific track and conditions. Pretty impressive new product wouldnt you say? The PROFill system will initially be available in ten inch front and nine inch rear combinations for cross country racing. Best part for last, we’re thrilled to say HiPer took the low road on price. Retail price will be under $100 per wheel! Now that’s more like it! For more information, contact HiPer directly at 877-GO-HIPER or 785-749-6011 or visit them on the web at or


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